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back when walk like an egyptian was a hit song

The song I'm referring to in the title:

This song beat out all the glam rock boys-looking-like-girls crap of that particular year. Yes, really.

Moving on..

I've been on Facebook for a while now. Originally I didn't use it at all, however it's one of those things that grows on you. I'm not saying it's a super-cool-awesome thing, but it does serve its intended purpose - to connect with people.

Probably the most interesting contacts I have are people I haven't seen in 20+ years, as in those from my grammar school days. They add me for what I call the collector reason. Something like, "Hey, here's another person from my grammar school days I haven't seen in forever. Added!" They add me not to communicate with me but rather just to put into their contact list as if they were collecting baseball cards to complete a set. I don't have a problem with this.

I also realize some do know of my existence on Facebook that knew me two decades ago but never bother adding me. The moment they see my name and/or my mug the reaction is probably something like, "Eww! That guy? Screw 'im." Hey, whatever floats your boat. I don't have a problem with that either because a lot of people tend to be very judgmental pieces of crap like that. It's just the way the world works.

MySpace never worked like Facebook does due to the fact Facebook forces the use of real names. This is in fact a good thing and the primary reason those that knew me from eons ago add me into their contact lists in the first place.

It also helps that people on Facebook tend to be a whole lot more honest with their personal information whereas on MySpace you never truly had any idea. This "forced honesty" of sorts Facebook does was something the internet needed.

From the old-old contacts I have, most of them turned out pretty good. Either that or they're really good at Photoshop. It's cool to know the ones that added me are still amongst the living. It's interesting to know many of them chose to stay where they grew up, but I guess this shouldn't surprise me because New Englanders by nature rarely migrate anywhere.

If I were to organize a reunion..

I will never be called on to do this because I was a dork back then, I'm a dork now and always will be.

However, this dork does live in Florida. I could put together the most awesome reunion. Two words: Busch Gardens. I can get all the discounts be it for for single, family or group. I literally live less 5 miles from it and have access to it all. So instead of the usual awkward "let's all meet up in the gym at the old school" crapola, I can get something together where everybody would have a blast, and on top of that it would be okay for those with kids to bring them.

We're talking a full day of stuff here. Fly into TPA (an awesome airport by the way), ride roller coasters in the daytime, night activities (which the park does have) in the nighttime. Everybody's happy. Really happy.

Now that's a reunion worth attending. And if it were planned in the off season, I could probably get everybody all set up and down here at less than $200 per person.

If I were called on to pull off such a feat, I could easily do it. Too bad it'll never happen. Oh, well.

Mid-30s lifestyle stew

The melting pot of lifestyles from these now-thirty-somethings of which I'm a part of will make you sit back and take notice because of how different people turned out. You've got those that are married, remarried, never married, no kids, kids, a lot of kids, lives alone, lives with partner, lives in a house, lives in an apartment, lives with parents (yes there are a few), etc. It goes all over the place.

For the ones living with parents from where I come from, I don't make fun of them because that small set of towns has a way of breaking people where you're involuntarily forced into living that way. And even though I live on my own, I personally believe anybody who makes fun of another who lives with their parents is a piece of crap.

Some of them also have criminal records now. Mainly for crap they did back in their early 20s which was forever ago. This counts for both the boys and the the girls by the way. People make mistakes and/or were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I don't have a criminal record, but for those that do from stuff in their 20s, whatever. It's not like they killed anybody. And no, I'm not conducting research on those I knew to see who has and hasn't a record like that, but what can I say, news travels through the grapevine and sometimes I get wind of it.

Middle age approcheth

Right now we're safely smack dab in our mid-30s, but in a little over 5 years, all of us will be 40. And that's truly not that far away.

We all know middle age is coming and fast. As such there's not a single peer I know of that isn't planning for it now, myself included. We're all in hardcore-mode to get our finances and health in check well before that time so we don't end up like our previous generations did.

I have faith my peers will come out on top before the big 4-0 hits. They all have it within themselves to do so. Remember that "Apply yourself" shtick? We all know what that means now.


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