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Backlash from a Mac hippie

Okay, so I finally got my refund for that iMac I bought, which is good. I've also made the executive decision not to buy another Mac because of all the crap from the computer (and Apple) concerning the whole fracas.

Someone on a newsgroup posted one of those "Why Macs SUCK" posts you see every so often, so I added to the conversation and whoa nelly... did I get a response from some Mac hippie. He blasted with name calling like "moronic f--kwit" (seriously, that's what he said) and blah blah blah.. frickin' hilarious.

It's true I got some of the terminology wrong when I posted to that newsgroup, but hey.. like I care.

Mac hippies are fiercely devoted to their Macs. It goes way beyond a preference. They are LOUD, obnoxious and generally annoying all around. When anyone criticizes a Mac, they all stand up to defend the Mac to the tune of... WHAT?! SOMEONE DOESN'T LIKE A MAC! He's.. just.. WRONG! OH MY GOD, I gotta SAY SOMETHING about THAT... and they do.

Hilarity ensues. It's damn funny. At least to me it is.


There is justice in this world. In the same thread, someone else was nice enough to shut the original guy up, apologize for him (wasn't necessary but it was nice) and genuinely say "Sorry your Mac didn't work out."

The hippie was silenced. 😉

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