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barber follies

The barber shop I always went to back at the stomping grounds called The Shoppe in Putnam Connecticut. I always went there because the price was right and they never cut my hair wrong.

When I moved to Florida I needed to find a new place to get my hair cut. There's a local SuperCuts near me and to date they have only cut my hair the right way one time - and that was last year. Every other time I had to wear a hat for at least a week to let my hair grow out to hide the mistake(s) they made each time.

Earlier this week I went to get my hair cut at SuperCuts and it was done completely wrong. And I mean bad. How bad? On the back of my head where I have it cut real short the girl who cut it left random lines because she had absolutely no clue how to use an electric clipper.

I said "That's it. SuperCuts sucks. I'm done."

I searched on the internet and found this shop called Cut-N-Edge right off of Busch Blvd. in Tampa.

Let's just say they've now got a customer for life. That shop is awesome. Ultra-clean, has a big-screen TV in it to watch while you're getting your mop chopped, pro-style chairs, the works. Really classy shop.

And the most important part: They know how to cut hair right the first time. You feel like you're getting a 50-dollar haircut. Not only did they fix all the screw-ups that SuperCuts did but also did everything else right.

I gave them a 25% tip on the cut I got - it was that good.

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