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"Bee-Beep" this, asshat

One thing that really annoys me to no end is people who use cutesy words and phrases in place of common courtesy. The worst phrase of them all is "bee-beep", as in to imitate a car honking.

This happened to me today.

I was walking around a corner, and got the bee-beep because someone got in my way (which happens A LOT). I would much rather hear "Excuse me, please." This gives me a reason to move. If time is short and you are in haste, use "Coming through" - don't use the bee-beep.

Bee-beep goes right along up there with really bad stale jokes people use at checkout lines, such as:

"That will be fifty-two dollars and thrity-nine cents, sir."
"Yep! Here's my fifty! Printed it fresh this mornin'!"

"Have a nice day, sir."
"Have a good one!"

(What the crap does "Have a good one" mean, anyway? A good "one" what?)

"May I have your name, sir?"
"Sure! Just give it back when you're done!"


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