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Best chain letter ever

Everyone hates e-mail chain letters, which have been around as long as e-mail has been around. These are those STUPID e-mails you get from friends the say something to the effect of "If you send $1 to [this person] and then forward this e-mail to 10 people, you'll get good luck!" Yeah, right. More like you lose a dollar and tick off 10 people.

Anyway.. I was checking out the HR Wiki Sandbox and found this. This is awesome:

Send this to 1 person and you'll die.
Send this to 5 people and someone you know will die.
Send this to 10 people and you'll pass out.
Send this to 20 people and someone you know will pass out.
Send this to 30 people and the person you have a crush on will pass out.
Send this to 40 people and the concept of fainting will pass out.
Send this to 50 people and your address book will pass out.
Send this to 70 people and you probably don't have a life. At least no one passes out.
Send this to 100 people and be happy.
Send this to 120 people to actually smile.
Send this to 150 people and you might actually laugh.
Send this to 200 people to be able to laugh at me.
Send this to 300 people to find out I can't believe you're still reading.
Send this to 500 people to find out I can't think of anything else.
Send this to 700 people to find out my imagination has limitations.
Send this to 1,000 people to find out your imagination's limitations!

Awesome. 🙂

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