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Best web page of the year

System of a Down: Hate Mail from Something Awful.

I loved every single word of this. What David says is true, "..nothing can bring in hate mail like pretentious hard rock." I agree. If there's one breed of people who are vehemently defensive about what they listen to when someone pokes fun at it, it's rock and metal fans.

Check it out and read up. Get a good laugh. Make sure to read the part of that article from a guy named "Yannick". Certain people I know will get an extra good laugh from that one.


One more thing sorta/kinda related: In my apartment I play classical music all day, every day. My file server computer is set to an internet radio station that plays really good classical at a soft level (I don't blare it).

My apartment has three windows in it. Two facing the road, one facing a building. It was a nice day so I had all of them open. Someone in the building next to mine started playing some of that awful "core" metal music. Even though it wasn't that loud it cut right through my classical. Shutting the window fortunately drowned it right out.

After I did that, I thought to myself...

Am I getting old?

Nah. That core music just sucks.


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