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bits for 10 june '09

Want to say thanks first to those who have signed up for the newsletter. I honestly didn't think hardly anyone would but the turnout was much better than expected. And now the pressure is on to make the first newsletter a good one.. 🙂

Yesterday I picked up my sister from TPA and delivered her to Pop's. The trip was long but uneventful. And hot. It was 90 degrees yesterday. We rode up to Pop's with the A/C on the whole way.

I have not yet done my "degrade" to Windows 7 RC Home Premium edition. This has gotta get done so I don't get stuck with the bill for Ultimate when the RC expires. The reason I haven't done it is because I have everything set the way I want and I really don't want to do the install again, but like I said it has to be done to save a buck. Quite a few bucks, actually. The biggest pain in the ass is backing up all my crap then having to put it all back. Ugh.

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