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bits for 12 feb 2009

Over the past week the weather in Tampa has been what I call "vacation" days. It's when I walk outside, the air has a certain quality to it, the sun is beaming down at just the right temperature and there's a slight warm breeze in the air. In addition, it's what I remember as days feeling like from when I literally vacationed with family as a child at Disney World in Orlando.

It's as if there's a familiarity I came back to in Florida even though I never lived here before moving out this way in '06.

~ ~ ~

Google Maps/Earth has finally got some Street Views coverage of the stomping grounds. Well, some of it.

I got to see my grandfather's and grandmother's old house which was really cool.

But the good stuff - as in where I lived - isn't there yet. The coverage stops a scant few miles away. WHAT A TEASE.. I was saying to myself "Cool! Finally! I got Street Views of-- wait.. aww drat." So, so close.

When it does finally happen (which will probably be real soon) I will finally be able to give a virtual tour of the tiny town I grew up in. Watch for it in the future.


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