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bits for 14 september '08

I traveled to St. Petersburg today and that turned out to be an absolute waste of time. I went thru almost 15 bucks worth of gas for nothing. The reason? I fell for a pitch. Yep, I did. I should've known better but I had a bout of stupidity and paid for it (in gas money). Won't be making that mistake again.

The only good things that happened on the trip is a) it was a nice day for a drive and b) once again GPS marveled me in its ability to get me back home. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love GPS. Truly. I can go anywhere I want (when I can afford it obviously) and simply not worry about getting lost because it simply doesn't happen. And when I want to go back home I just tap "Go Home" on the screen and off I go. Beautiful thing, that GPS is.

. . .

Other than that I still have some biz stuff to do. The GPS splash screen stuff is all scheduled and done, and that's awesome because it was such a pain in the ass to complete. Now I have to finish up a book and do some other web site crapola (not here but elsewhere).

. . .

On this site I added in a new logo, changed the favicon.ico to suit and also added a footer (if you scroll to the bottom on this site you'll see it). I also added my "tweets" from my Twitter account on the sidebar.

Ordinarily I have a very, very strong aversion to having any data pulled from other sites to mine because if that site goes down, my site breaks. However Twitter seems to have been "acting" okay as of late so I'll keep that stuff on the sidebar unless they decide to start downing the site again due to overuse.

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