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bits for 16 september '08

Forgot to mention that the other day on the way to St. Petersburg I saw a brand new Dodge Challenger. Black. Looked menacing and altogether cool. However it would have looked better in another color like orange or red. Cool car and all that but I can't see myself owning one. I just don't dig new cars as much as I used to.

. . .

My sleeping pattern is completely screwed up right now. This happens about once every six weeks before I bounce back to normal where I get up around 6am and go to bed around 10pm. It takes about a week to shake this pattern.

. . .

Later on today I will be delivering sis to TPA so she can fly back home to Boston. I have her Garmin nuvi 250 in my possession right now and noticed when using it the top green bar states information that's more usable in navigation mode.

When navigating, the c580 for example states "Southwest to Smith St" while the nuvi states "Right to Smith St". I like the way the nuvi does it a whole lot better.

I called Garmin and stated I wanted this as a feature request in the next firmware release for the c5xx series StreetPilots - and I'm really hoping they deliver and put it in there - because to be blunt honest I really don't want to buy another GPS just for that feature. It's simple enough to where they can program the firmware to do it as it's just text and not graphical with icons, pictures or anything like that.

The reason I want this feature so badly is because I constantly have to tap the top green bar in navigation mode when using the c580 just to see what direction the next turn is. The map auto-zooms so you don't see the white arrow on-screen until you're literally on top of the turn. Having that nice notification in the top green area would really help out a lot.

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