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bits for 16 september '08

I successfully delivered sis to TPA - and oddly enough there was no problem getting her there. I was sure as anything I'd run into evening commuter traffic but didn't whatsoever.

However I wasn't so lucky going back home - I ran smack dab into the middle of it. That was okay because it was more important sis got to her flight on time, which she did.

. . .

Band practice went well this evening. More songs from the set list were played. I was a bit rusty at some but muddled thru. As soon as the list is polished up we'll be gigging out. It will be nice to get social doing what I do with guitar - no question.

Practice tonight included some Ramones tunes. I'd never played them with a band before. Very different. I can definitely see the allure of punk music because it's easy to play and you can jump around a lot. 🙂

. . .

Forgot to mention - in the north they're starting to get cold nights already. At the stomping grounds they're going to have a 40° F low on Thursday. Bear in mind that's only 8 degrees away from freezing. 🙂

The lowest low here will be 70°. Rock on. 🙂

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