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bits for 19 sep '08

smokes from the UK

Yesterday I received a pack of John Player Specials (Black) from a friend in the UK. Very cool. I took photos of the pack before opening (which I'll be posting later) and only smoked one. I'm going to put the pack in plastic bag and save it.

. . .

band stuph

Twice this week I've gone to band practice and it's coming along. The set list is still being ironed out but it'll get smoothed soon enough.

The band I'm in right now is your typical cover band. If all works out then I'll be able to pick up a few extra bucks every week. Being that money is tight I would certainly appreciate any extra green that comes my way. 🙂

. . .


I will be posting several new photos soon of random stuff. Just haven't gotten around to it yet - but will soon.

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