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bits for 22 may '09

Theme crapola

I recently tried out a new WordPress theme but I ran into the same problem as I do with all of them. There's too much crap to figure out. The way in which I do themes for WP is "by hand", because whenever I try someone else's I literally have to un-do all the crap they do to it. So.. nah. I may do some minor updates to my current theme. Or not.

DigiTech GSP1101I own it

Recently I paid off my DigiTech GSP1101 guitar effects processor. I had the option to trail payments but decided it was best to just pay the thing off in full, so I now own it 100%. Darn thing was expensive, but I really like it.

Speaking of guitar sounds, I saw a new (to me) term being used recently to describe "vintage" amplifiers/combos/whatever. Get this.. it's called "boutique tone". What a crock. Real manly sounding, isn't it? Shyeah, right. Yet another b.s. marketing term that I'm sure many a player will fall for.

My GSP1101 can out-sound any "boutique" overpriced piece of crap any day, any time.

Remaining debts

At present I now have three major debts that will be taken care of in due time. I have been staying true to my mission of killing off debt as quick as I can, and got rid of a lot of the smaller stuff. The paid-off effects proc above was one of those smaller debts.

Next on the kill-debt list is a card that used to be zeroed, but then the driver's side electric window in my truck went and that had to be fixed. Then I had a bunch of dentist stuff I had to take care of. The debt just piled on to it over time.

I use credit for what it was intended for - to purchase goods and services when I don't have the cash on hand. The trick is being really aggressive with the debt else it can spiral out of control very easily.

D-Link DGL-4300 Old router worked after all

I bought a cheapo Belkin router a while ago because I thought the wireless on the much more expensive D-Link DGL-4300 was busted. Turns out it wasn't. I plugged it in, updated the firmware, tested it and it all works. It also seems to route noticeably faster than the cheap Belkin did.

I'm glad the D-Link works because it cost me almost $180 when I bought it originally years ago. Just for kicks I looked up what it's selling for and it still commands a good price, as it sells easily for $125+ even today.

It's also real trick the router has cool blue lights on it. 🙂

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