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bits for 28 aug '09


Last night on a Ustream broadcast I tuned in to a show that a guy does once a week. He's funny and entertaining but decided to show a short four-minute BBC video on the dangers of texting and driving. This short film was purposely meant to be shocking to deliver the message to teens not to text and drive. It was extremely graphic.

The video was so disturbing that it literally ruined my night. I had to go out for a drive just to clear my head. That's how much it got to me. Even now as I write this I'm still rattled by it.

Because of this I won't be tuning into his show anymore and won't follow the guy on Twitter any longer.

I understand it's his show and he can do what he wants with it, but the fact he showed such a graphic video on a show that's supposed to be family friendly (even if loosely) was seriously uncool. If I wanted to see blood, gore and death, I would have rented a horror movie.

I would never, ever do that to my audience on my live show. Not in a million years.

Laptop sale follies

So I put on my old laptop on eBay. Some guy won the bid then didn't pay. I wrote him asking why he didn't pay. He said his PayPal account got frozen due to a dispute. Well, that was all I needed to hear. He's not getting the laptop.

So I put the laptop on Craigslist. A guy said he'd buy it, then balked.

One of the other responses came from a guy who said he'd buy it. Hopefully sometime today he'll say he wants it so I can just sell it and move on. Ugh. It's becoming very tiresome. There's nothing wrong with it, my ad is very honest.. just ugh. 🙂

Guess we'll see what happens from here.

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