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bits for 4 july '09

Account deleting rampage

I decided to clean house a bit and deleted a bunch of accounts I didn't need anymore. I was able to get rid of most of them, but there are a few that cannot be deleted.

AIM is a good example of this. Once you create an AIM screen name, it's there for life (or until AIM goes away, if that ever happens). I tried to find out exactly why AIM won't allow you to delete an account, but nobody really knows for sure.

What I deleted was just a bunch of stuff I registered for testing and/or fuggit-why-not purposes. I got rid of something in the neighborhood of 20 to 25 accounts. Crazy, eh?

Dot is healing

The laser procedure I had done for that dot on my forehead is healing well. What I will be left with eventually is a small dent - which is fine. A dent is better than a bump.

Price of cigs went up

The price of smokes in Florida went up by a buck. Because of this I've curbed my smoking dramatically (as if I haven't enough already). I am in the process of quitting, but I would have rather had it on my schedule rather than being forced to because of tobacco taxes. Oh, well.

ICQ continues to amuse

Off an on I've been keeping my ICQ client open with "web aware" enabled just for fun. Some interesting developments concerning that service have happened as of late, namely I haven't been getting as many random foreigners chatting me as usual. Then I found out why. ICQ blocked all unofficial clients in Russia and CIS countries. As a result, ICQ spam has decreased significantly. Makes one wonder if this will happen in the USA with any particular major IM service.

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