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bits for 4 march '09

Facebook apps suck. They just do. They are nothing but the ass end of the internet, I swear.

I bought new sneakers today. It was time.

I started a food log because I was eating too much fast food. I'm starting to notice I feel better already.

Temperature here in Tampa Florida at the time I write this: 62.6° F. At the stomping grounds, 29.0° F. That means it's 33.6 degrees warmer here for those who don't want to do the math.

I refuse to spell the world internet with a capital 'i'. Just seems stupid to me and always has. What's even more stupid is that spell checkers in word processors, IM, email and the like insist that internet should have a capital first letter.

I finally started finishing work on my new GPS book. If all goes well I should have it done shortly and will announce it here once finished.

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