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bits for 4 nov 2008

Yesterday I went in for part 1 of 2 concerning my crown at the dentist. I was in the chair a really long time but came out no worse for wear. Right now I have a temporary crown that hopefully will stay there 3 weeks before I go back for the permanent one.

~ ~ ~

All this political election crapola will be over real and to be honest I'm glad it will be, because I hate politics with a passion. And no I won't discuss them on my blog, so don't ask. 🙂

~ ~ ~

November for me is the start of the holiday season and the time of year when things start to drag a bit. I don't slow down but it seems the world around me does, and usually doesn't pick up until after New Year's.

What I do to avoid holiday season depression is simply not think about it. This is probably the reason I don't slow down during this time of year. Rather I just keep on doin' what I do and it works for me.

Said another way: If I bought into what tradition and Hollywood thinks Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's is supposed to be like, I'd plummet into depression in seconds. 🙂

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