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bits for 8/13 ought 8

digsby/firefox crapola

For whatever reason even after I uninstalled Digsby a while back the search and start page kept reverting back to "Digsby" versions. Not cool. I had to wipe my Firefox profile just to get rid of the Digsby crap. Again, not cool. I won't be using that software again.

olympic stuff

I know the Olympics are great and wonderful and all that but I have always found them exceedingly boring.

The most interesting thing I find about the Olympics aren't the events but rather the video technology. It is tradition that the Olympics is a test bed for bleeding-edge tech that makes it way into normal broadcast television later. Since this broadcast is a guaranteed draw they (always being NBC) always try new and extremely expensive stuff because they've got gobs of cash from sponsors to back it up.

For this Summer Games it's been internet broadcasting that's the big deal. As such I've watched not one minute of the broadcast on a normal television but on my computer instead. Pretty nifty stuff.

four years

It's interesting how things can change every four years. I've been reminded of this by the Olympics. Make no mistake, four years is a long time.

Four years ago I was still in my 20s (just barely), living in CT, drove a different car and had a different life (which has since improved significantly).

All the people I knew have passed age 30 or are about to. For some it scares the crap out of them while for others it's no big deal.

I see myself as the same plus a few pounds (which I'm working to lose..) 🙂

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