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The cheapest gas I saw today was $3.58; that's only 8¢ away from me filling up the tank. Might hit the mark in a few weeks.. maybe less. 🙂

There's going to be a crapload of rain tonight and some rain for the rest of the week.

Yesterday evening Pop's internet and phone went out - and it's still out. Will be fixed either today or early tomorrow.

Probably the biggest reason I hate locally owned gas station/convenience stores is that they will outright lie to you and say you need to spend at least 5 bucks if using a DEBIT card for a purchase. Note that I said debit and not credit. Some idiot clerk said "They charge us 4% for credit or debit." Bull. The charge to the merchant is 2.375% of the total sale price, jackass. I know because I used to process credit card transactions myself. If it's MC/Visa it's 2.375%. With Discover they charge the merchant an extra 8¢ and with Amex it's 3.5%. You're not forcing me to spend 5 bucks when I want to put a $1.39 bottle of soda on debit. So I walked out.

To note: National gas station/convenience store chains never require a minimum purchase when buying on debit/credit.

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