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bits for 9 feb 2009

I got a call today from the place I was supposed to have do my taxes on Tuesday. The secretary said the person that was to be taking care of it was sick and wouldn't be in tomorrow. So it's now rescheduled to Thursday.

~ ~ ~

Over the weekend I paid off two nagging bills that should be cleared before the end of the week.

~ ~ ~

My father will be turning 74 this week.

~ ~ ~

From my old bookmarks:

A girl I knew vaguely for a very brief period of time (online only, never in person) deleted her blog entirely.

Several people I knew with MySpace pages have more or less all set them to "friends only"/private. Guess it turns out that internet drama got the best of them.

~ ~ ~

Recently I received emails from two different people asking me opinions on what I think are good musical products (one for synth one for guitar). I didn't answer them because it's the individual (i.e. you) who decides what's best and not me. I avoid answering the "what do you recommend" questions like the plague.

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