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bits for mar 10 '08

Yes I know I haven't been coming up with good blog post titles lately. Whatever. 🙂

Doing the live stream thing for work has been interesting to say the least. In the short time I've been doing it I've learned that chatters get a bit shocked when dealing with a brash personality (as I have). I guess most online hosts choose to go with the "nice guy" route but there are times when I just don't. In particular if some kid enters the chat room and does that me-me-me gimme-gimme attention thing, I will usually give it to him. The funny thing is the kid doesn't know what to do at that point, gets scared, and leaves.

Ah well, what ya gonna do.

I've also been reading this blog from the stomping grounds (which I've mentioned here before). I don't know the author but it's plainly obvious absolutely nothing has changed in 2 years up that way - and I don't say that with praise. The comments from the locals basically state everything you'd want (and not want) to know.

There's part of me that has a good chuckle when reading that blog but another part that feels a bit ashamed because I come from there. Granted, I moved away and did good for myself, but still.. it's where I grew up. Maybe I have some subconscious desire that one day the place will get cleaned up and become a better place to live. But I honestly can't see that ever happening, or at least not happening for a very long time.

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