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bits or 27 feb '09

Mobil station fails, I win

I had to force a gas station to own up to giving me a free car wash.

When you go into the car wash there's this little booth where you enter in a 5-digit code for the wash you bought. Next to it is a small bin of tiny envelopes . On then is printed that if you save any four receipts from previous car washes, you get a free wash.

Well, I got my four receipts but I knew in the back of my mind that the station would try to find a way to weasel out of it.

That being said, I trotted into the gas station, said "I get a free car wash, here are my four receipts."

The decidedly Indian (meaning Indian as in from India) guy looked at me and tried to b.s. his way out of it.

He said, "Oh.. I cannot do dis. The wash dis now owned by anudder companee" and several other things in a lame attempt to not pony up.

I said, "Sounds like an excuse to me. Do you see anywhere on this envelope any conditions? No. It says any four receipts. I got my receipts. I gotcha."

I had him. He grudgingly gave me my free car wash.

Bear in mind this is a "works" wash. Eight bucks. Ha!

Score one for the little guy.

Fail with new wiper blades

A flyer came in the mail that the local Goodyear Gemini place was having a sale. In it, one of the offers was buy one wiper blade, get the other free. Since I always buy in sets of two it seemed like a good deal.


A single blade was 20 frickin' dollars after tax.


I could have bought a set of two at Wal-Mart for 15 bucks - and the next time I will.

Granted, the set I have on the truck is premium grade, but to me that's worthless since you have to change out blades once every 3 to 4 months in Florida regardless of how good they are.

Fail with gas-saving route

Coming back from my boss' place yesterday I decided to take a gas-saver route and use Tamami Trail (a.k.a. US-41) instead of the interstate. This was all well and good until the road was CLOSED right before the I-4 ramp. And when I say closed, I mean closed. Completely blocked off.

So I had to U-turn it around, go up Adamo and go back that way. Any gas I saved up to that point was wasted. Bleah.


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