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Biz site almost ready for launch

Last night I spent many hours programming the FSP site. I finally decided what to do - which incidentally is the hardest way to do it - make the entire site a single PHP web page with all script contained within.

This was a severe pain in the ass to do, but the end result is that I have a single script/page running the entire site. The code alone for this thing is over 55k(!) I tried to shrink that size down as much as I could, but I had to put comments in the script just so I could go back and know where things were. I consider it an amazing thing that I was able to get everything in one page/script. PHP is incredible; no doubt about it.

I'm trying my best to beat the deadline (Jan 1 '06). I have just a few days but I think I'll be able to do it. After that... well, we'll see what happens, won't we?

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