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Biz stuff / Music stuff

Here's an update of what's going on concerning biz and music related activities.

Concerning biz:

I still haven't received that trade magazine.. and it's getting to the point of being very annoying. The whole reason I want the mag is to check it out before placing an online order to advertise in it. If I don't get it within the next few days I may just post the ad anyway. I'm patient to a degree, but this is ridiculous to wait this long for a piece of mail that should have gotten here a lot sooner.

Concerning music:

There is a lot of stuff I have been writing that no one has heard yet. I could just put it up, but that's just a little side project thing showcasing my instrumental skills. The new material is being designed for vocals and radioplay, something I've tried before (and was real close to being successful with it).

My biggest problem is finding a good vocalist. I've gone through a few over the years. Some were good. Some were not so good. Small sidenote: If any of the prior musicians I've worked with are reading this site, please do NOT contact me asking to work with me again, the answer is no. I have reasons whether good, bad or indifferent every time I part ways with a musician/singer/whatever - so don't ask.

Anyway, I might try the local circular to see if anyone responds that's any good. Maybe I'll get lucky and find a vox that works with my style and has the chops I'm looking for. I'm at the point where I have the tunes put together. I just need the vox to really make it shine.

Further bulletins as events warrant. 😉


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