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Blizzak attack!

Snow makes me cringe every year. This is because I have to drive in it. And because it's cold. I don't like cold. But anyway, this year I'm actually preparing for the snow compared to the usual way I do it.. which is at-the-last-minute ordinarily (grin).

I decided to get true blue snow tires for my car this year. There were two choices I had, steel-studded or studless. I went with the studless because those steel studs will make your car ride like a tank.. well maybe not that bad but it's really loud. My tire of choice is the Bridgestone Blizzak WS-50. A bit expensive, but I don't skimp when it comes to tires. Safety is very important, especially on snow and ice.

According to some early predictions this year, it's going to be a bad winter.. so yesterday I bit the bullet and bought a set of 4 Blizzaks. They're on the way and will probably arrive before the end of the week.

By putting snow slicks on my car I'm certainly not telling Mother Earth to "bring it on". Hardly. But, when the snow comes - and it will - at least I won't freak out from substandard traction every time I get out on the road when snow and ice are prevelant. Getting snow slicks is only about two things only: Safety and confidence when driving. No one likes to lose control of their car, ever. Blizzak's won't make me "invincible", but they will provide me with a big sigh of relief most of the time when the roads are iced up - mostly because I can stop when I tell the car to stop.

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