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Block of ages

Sometimes it can be really tough living "in the boondocks" as they say. Right now I am blogging because I need some personal creative therapy, a.k.a. I have writers block at the moment. (grin) So.. I'll basically describe what's going on with my creative process in my life at the moment.

Screenplay follies:

Off and on I've talked about screenplay writing. I have successfully written a short one, but the long one is taking a while to put together. It was fairly certain in my mind that I could write a super-fabulous screenplay in record time. Boy was I wrong.

I've gone through what seems like countless revisions - right at the beginning, which is bad. So, I did a some reading on the 'net concerning how get one of these damn things rolling. One thing I read in particular which seems to be working for me is called a "treatment". Normally this is done after you're done with the screenplay, however, writing one before you put down a single line of dialogue can help out quite a bit - and it has. The treatment is basically a short story summary that describes everything that goes on in general form. You number each scene, and when you have the whole thing done, write it out. I think I am about half-way through the treatment and it is coming along. When it's done (and I swear I will get it done,) the dialogue will come around a whole lot easier than doing it just off the top of my head.

Music follies:

I have probably written at least a couple hundred songs in my lifetime thus far, with the vast majority being music-only because I am a terrible lyric writer (but oddly enough can write short stories... don't ask me why) and I don't sing. Well.. I do sing, badly.

During the years I've tried the "band" thing several times. Each time has failed due to one reason or another, and I've learned valuable lessons each time a failure has occurred. As they say, there is no success without failure.

One thing is very clear to me. I require an alternative influence to make my music shine at its best. When by myself I am way too over-critical of my own work, leading to frustration and shortly followed by "To hell with it", so nothing ever gets done.

Believe me, I've tried to work with people before. The last time I tried, it was with a bass player. Unfortunately he was too involved with being a newlywed so nothing happened. I can totally understand that, but still, it sucked. He's a great musician.

I have been debating seriously whether or not to try to work with someone again on a music project. Should I decide to give this the green light, there are going to be a few requirements. a) I will not work with anyone I worked with before, because I had a damn good reason every time I stopped working with someone in the past. b) The person has to be near my age (no kids, no old guys). c) The person must be level-headed and mellow. Exciteable people, while entertaining, are not good concerning serious music projects. d) The person must commit to the project and have some sense of responsibility. e) The person must be willing to go pro - because I'm totally past the hobby thing. I've been doing that far too long. f) The person must be intelligent. No stupid people, and I've dealt with plenty of those.

I haven't made a decision on what I'm going to do yet concerning that. I may try to get someone else to work with or I may not. Hopefully I will be able to get someone with the requirements I lay out. I openly admit, I'm tough to work with. It's not because I demand perfection, it's because I demand courtesy, respect and professionalism. Without that there is nothing.

Pff... okay back to the treatment... here I go...

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