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Book 'em, Dano

I get a local dishrag called The Weekly - Greater Bangor's Weekly Community News Source in the mail. It's a newspaper twelve pages in length (really small). One of the more entertaining sections is Court News. Here's a few for ya. I'll leave the names out but post age and gender:

38/m: Unlawful use of bait in artificial lure-only water, $50

18/m: Minor possessing liquor, $200

20/m: Failure to display ATV registration numbers, $100

24/f: Two counts operating vehicle while license suspended or revoked, $300 each count.

15/m: Possession tobacco products by minor, $100

25/m: Speeding 30-plus more than posted speed, $300 suspended; driving to endanger $400, jail 48 hours, license suspended 180 days.

38/f: Fishing without valid license, $100

22/m: Furnishing liquor to minor, $400

29/m: Operating vehicle without license, $75

48/m: Attaching false plates, $200; habitual motor vehicle offender, $500, jail 48 hours.

32/f: Negotiating worthless instrument, $100, restitution, $44 (I have absolutely no idea what "worthless instrument" means or stands for)

34/m: Fish violation of number, amount, weight or size, $140

19/f: Operating vehicle without license, $200

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