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boom, boom, buh-bow-wow boom

I just got back from Wal-Mart a little while ago after doing some overdue shopping. I need to start making sandwiches for work at lunchtime else I'll spend way too much money going to fast food joints every day (it can cost up to ten bucks a day depending where you go).

One thing I haven't mentioned here yet is the sheer amount of custom rides all over Tampa. There are dubs everywhere, and to be honest, the cars here put Connecticut (and all of New England more or less with the exception of Massachusetts) to shame. Lots of wicked rides. I mean, yeah, sure, you've got your rat trap Mazda that spits by every now and zen, but most rides are actually done very well. I give high respect to the modders here.

No car is immune to the dubs. I've seen them on just about any car that could fit 'em, and some that were purposely raised just to fit them.

Another thing there's a lot of here are thumpin' stereos. In Connecticut they annoyed the wizz out of me because 99% of the modders up there do stereos 100% wrong. A proper boom stereo does not rattle anything on the car itself, and the Tampa modders know how to do it right. When you hear the boom coming, all you hear is bass. No rattling windows, doors, body panels or anything else. Just bass - the way it was meant to be. I'm not a fan of hip-hop music pre sé, but I respect the effort it takes to get a stereo to sound that way because it isn't easy.

Something that's surprised me more than anything else is that a lot of car modders here prefer to use domestic (i.e. American) cars like Chevys and Fords. There's quite a few older Mustangs spinning around here. However, I am disappointed that I haven't seen more modded pickup trucks. There's plenty of SUV's to go around, but modded pickups aren't really around that much.

I'm going to have to acquire a S-10 and change that when I get the chance. 😉

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