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Brac, Brac, Brac, and um.. no fireworks

Being that I've been up since midnight and have positively nothing to do, I headed over to the local paper to see what's up.

Let's see here.. "Locals arrive at BRAC hearing", "Connecticut presents its case" (before the BRAC commissioners), "Connecticut pokes holes in case to close sub base", "'Sun fireworks cancelled" and more sub base stuff.

I read the little snippets of articles. First of all, what the frig is a "BRAC" anyway? "Boobs Really Are Cool"? or "Bratwurst, Rolls, and Chimichongas"? or how about "Blown Rocket Ass Cheese"? It remains a mystery. Brac brac braca brackity brac brac. Probably has something to do with the sub base thing. I dunno.

And yes, I purposely stay completely detached from all this sub base stuff. The government wants to shut it down and move it elsewhere, that's all I know from what I hear. Whether that will actually happen or not is anyone's guess. I don't read the paper, nor do I watch the news. I am blissfully uninformed.

"Wild Wednesday" fireworks have been cancelled at Mohegan Sun due to bad weather. It's true, fireworks that day would have sucked. I find it amusing that you can reschedule anything labeled as "wild". Think about that for a second. If you don't get it, think of it in the same vein as "Controlled spontaneity", then maybe you'll get it.

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