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breaking the records

My new optical drive and 100-pack spindle of media arrived today. The drive isn't installed yet however because I'm going through the last of the discs. I've been archiving then destroying.

The destroying has been the interesting part.

Originally I thought I could just scissor the discs, but as it turns out while I can do that, it was wrecking my wrist something awful from the sheer amount of times I had to do it (we're talking 100+ times here). After about 30 discs I said, "Well, time for Plan B."

In true redneck fashion, Plan B is to hold the disc in a plastic bag, look away (for obvious reasons), bend and snap it in half. Holding it in the bag kept all the flying pieces mostly contained and I was able to destroy the discs in record time.

I've noticed that CDs snap a lot easier than DVDs do. DVDs are a lot more bendy and some still required scissoring, but not many.

The reason I'm destroying the discs just because on the off chance there's personal info on one of them, it will be next to impossible to retrieve the data. You can never be too careful with your data, after all.


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