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I think I have a cold coming on. Ugh. Well I guess it's around that time because it's been just about a year since my last one and I usually get at least one major cold a year.

I encountered yet another Florida oddity. When I bought my Day-Quil and Ny-Quil (I bought both), I actually had to present identification because one of them contains something that requires you to prove who you are. Every time I have to do the ID thing I really detest it because there's yet another corporation who knows who I am.

And who is this loathesome company who requires you to present ID? CVS.

Hey CVS, I need Ny-Quil so I feel better. I'm not applying for a mortgage, you idiots. The only reason I didn't go elsewhere is because I was too tired and sick. Next time however, I'm not going anywhere near CVS.

--edit-- 5/4/2006

A friend e-mailed and she said that all pharmacies are supposed to do this now for any medicine containing pseudoephedrine.

That sucks.

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