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As part of my job I routinely upload videos to the internet on YouTube and Revver.

As almost anyone knows, uploading takes a lot longer to do than downloading. This is because the service providers purposely throttle the upload speed.

When you upload a lot of video, you spend a lot of time waiting.

And waiting.

And waiting..

And waiting some more.

Did I mention waiting?

Verizon recently started offering FiOS service, however I can't get it because I live in an apartment. But my address was qualified to get the "Power Plan" DSL package which is 3.0Mbps down and 768Kbps up compared to my "Starter Plan" which is 768Kbps down and 128Kbps up.

Being that internet access is at the core of what I do for a living, I decided to go for it.

My DSL cost per month goes from $19.99 to $29.99.

About fifteen minutes after I placed a call to make the order, my new faster internet was online and working.

It's awesome. 🙂

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