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can you hear me now?

A girl called me up today (hi Holly) and we chatted on the phone for a bit. Of course, being that I'm in Inverness today (as I am a lot lately), my Verizon signal sucks. My called dropped twice.

However, according to Verizon's coverage map, it's not supposed to...

See the whole area in yellow? The lighter yellow is digital coverage. The mid-hue yellow is "extended" digital coverage. The really dark yellow (lower right) is "extended" analog. The red star is where I am.

Note I put "WRONG" in there. This is why:

I only get 1 bar signal strength. Yep. Just one. This entire region is supposed to be digital'ed out with coverage all around - but it is barely adequate. The signal is weak, crappy and drops calls constantly when in Inverness (area code 34453).

Back in Tampa I get a full five bars easily anywhere around there. However, just shy of sixty miles north in Inverness, almost nuttin'.

Very frustrating.

Verizon, please throw up another tower in Inverness. It's desperately needed.

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