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car clubs

I received a message recently inviting me to which is the Florida based GMT355 "twins" truck club (Chevy Colorado / GMC Canyon).

It's cool and all that I was invited but honestly speaking, my truck isn't "club material" if you catch my meaning. It's a plain jane almost-stock '05 GMC Canyon and certainly nothing worth being in a club for. Maybe if my truck was more tricked out I'd consider it, but the fact of the matter is that I use my vehicle for daily stuff and don't have any intentions of doing modifications. In short, my truck is used like a truck; it's not a showpiece. That's what my Buick is for. 🙂

The reason I say my truck is almost-stock is because I had a power sunroof installed shortly after I moved to Florida.

Speaking of sunroofs, here's what I don't understand:

Guys spend tons of cash modifying and personalizing their vehicles. Could be any vehicle. Why is it that so few install an electric sunroof? It is by far one of the best mods you can do. It's very posh and very luxurious. And moreover it's not as expensive as most would think. Furthermore, it adds value to your vehicle because after all, powered sunroofs are nothing but cool. The only thing cooler is a convertible.

No matter what mods one has done to their car or truck, if it's meant to be a daily driver and doesn't have some kind of open-air option, I consider it worthless. You can chop it, drop it, raise it, lower it, install a killer stereo or whatever... it's still a hardtop.

This is why my second car (whenever I get around to doing that) will be a convertible or have a powered sunroof. Anything less isn't worth my time.

To note: My Buick does have Hurst Hatches. 🙂


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