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i finally quit smoking

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Yes, for real this time.

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What they don't tell you about the BLOW ONE e-smoke device

BLOW ONE Vaporizer

Using the BLOW ONE is actually my third attempt at quitting smoking. My first attempt was with BluCigs. My second attempt was with NJOY. But the BLOW ONE is the first one that's actually worked and really delivers the vapor, the flavor and works correctly - if you understand certain things about it which I'll cover in a moment.

I've been using one for a few weeks, and today was the first day I did not have any tobacco smokes whatsoever - and I'm not feeling any cravings for one. That is a really, really big deal.

Here are the positives of the BLOW ONE:

Now as far as the negatives are concerned, this is what I'm going to go into detail with.

I strongly recommend buying two BLOW ONEs for two reasons. First, so you have two batteries (you'll appreciate having the second one, trust me) and second, I guarantee you're going to wreck the first one. I did. And I'll explain how I did just that in a moment.

Things to know about e-juice

I have to talk about this because most people don't take e-juice into consideration, and you should. Big time.

ONLY buy e-juice that was made LOCALLY to you. Where I live in Tampa Bay Florida there are smoke shops and flea markets that make the juice right here, and yes it is the best stuff.

If you buy China-made juice, you will probably get sick. When you buy local, it will be better and will not cause you nausea - if it's VG.

The two types of e-juice are PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin). Most local e-juice makers do use VG exclusively.

Most heavy smoker seniors have a hard time switching over to e-smoking because they weren't aware of the PG and VG difference. This is yet another reason why you should only buy your e-juice locally, because it's probably VG. Find a local maker of e-juice and ask which they use. They will know and tell you up front.

Concerning "throat hit", PG has a stronger throat hit, while VG produces more vapor. However, the nicotine level counts for this as well. The more nicotine, the stronger the hit.

Nicotine levels are measured in milligrams, and generally speaking there are 4 levels. 0mg (no nicotine), 8mg, 16mg and 24mg.

For light smokers, 8mg is good. For heavy smokers, 16mg is fine. If you go 24mg, chances are you probably won't like it and I'll tell you exactly why. Because you can e-smoke anywhere, you're going to smoke more often and take in way too much nicotine. The effect of that is that you'll get slight nausea and possibly dizziness, similar to if you drank 3 large cups of strong black coffee in a row. All that caffeine intake just isn't good. The same can be said for nicotine intake from e-smoking. As the old saying goes, everything in moderation. If you're a heavy smoker, stick to 16mg.

I was a heavy smoker (about a pack a day), am using 16mg now and am just fine with it. The only people who could tolerate 24mg are the seriously heavy 2-pack-or-more a day smokers, or the type that like a very pronounced throat hit (such as the kind from smoking non-filter tobacco cigarettes).

Concerning the BLOW ONE, believe me, it has a way better vapor hit compared to crappy e-cigarettes with those stupid cartomizers. In other words, you really get the big vapor and it's great.

Things to know about operating the BLOW ONE

You've got 3 pieces. Mouthpiece, tank and battery.

I'll talk about the battery first.

Charge the battery up until the charger light goes green.

The battery comes bundled "programmed" OFF. To turn it ON, rapidly press the button 5 times. You'll see a blink-blink-blink and THEN it will start working.

Screw on the battery to the tank. Done.

Unscrew the mouth piece if not already unscrewed, but DON'T put juice in it yet.

Inside the tank is a little center piece with a hole on top, and wicks attached. This can be removed, but DON'T remove it. I'll explain why in a moment. For now, just make sure it's screwed in snugly, as in hand-tight.

Now comes the juice. As far as where to put the juice, the e-juice DOES NOT go into the little hole where the wicks are attached, but rather DIRECTLY into the clear tank. There's are little markings on the side that measure how much juice is in there. Fill only to the 2.0ml mark. If you go past that, you'll flood it and it won't work well.

Screw the mouth piece on, then put in your mouth, press the button and take a puff. It should work fine.

Quick questions answered

Will e-juice spill out if you tip over the BLOW ONE?

No. The mouth piece is designed to seal in all the juice, so even if you tip it over, the juice stays in there as long as the mouth piece is snugly screwed to the tank.

How long does the battery last?

You can usually use one all day until it needs a charge.

When the LED blinks during a puff, does that mean the battery is dead and needs a charge?

NO. It usually means the battery heated up too much and the little circuit kicked in to prevent overheating.

When the LED blinks after using the BLOW ONE for a while, take your finger off, wait about a minute, then try again. Chances are you'll still have plenty of charge left.

You know for sure the battery needs a charge if after waiting it goes right back to blinking again immediately when you go back to use it.

Maintenance of a BLOW ONE - Battery

This is the part the manual doesn't even mention, but is vital to keeping your BLOW ONE working properly.

Whenever you take off the battery to charge it, clean the inside of the threaded ends (as in the screw-on parts) on both the tank and the battery with a cotton swab. Do not be surprised if it's a little dirty. This is normal because the conductivity sometimes leaves that behind.

Any gunk that is between the contacts when the battery is screwed on will cause the unit not to work. You'll press the button with a fully charged battery and nothing will happen. The vast majority of the time it's gunk that's preventing the connection from being made.

In some rare instances after using the battery for a while, the connecting disc on the battery will sink down a little bit and not make a proper connection with the tank. Can you fix this? Yes, you can "creep up" the disc carefully using a small slotted screwdriver. But this should only be done if no matter what you do you absolutely cannot get anything happening with the battery on press of the button when connected, and you're sure you've cleaned the contact points thoroughly.

Side note: No, there is no chance the BLOW ONE will ever have an exploding battery because there's a circuit in it to prevent overcharging and overuse. The only possible way to make that battery explode would be to literally puncture it by driving a nail into the thing with a hammer. I'm not kidding. It is safe.

Maintenance of a BLOW ONE - Tank

This is the only bad part about the BLOW ONE, and it's here I'll tell the story of how I semi-wrecked my first one.

Remember that little screw-on thing with the wicks I mentioned above? Yeah, that thing.

Okay. So after a while, the tank gets some gunk in it and needs a cleaning. What I did was empty the tank as best I could, then unscrewed the little piece with the wicks and pulled it out.

That was a mistake.

The reason it's a mistake is because you will never, repeat, never get those wicks back in the tank properly without shoving them in there using a needle and tearing them slightly. When you do that, that greatly affects how the device operates, and your plumes of e-smoke will suffer for it, almost rendering the device useless.

Was I able to save my wicks? Mostly, yes. But it doesn't operate nearly as good as the replacement I bought.

So how do you clean the BLOW ONE tank? This is how:

  1. Have a paper towel ready.
  2. Unscrew the battery and put it aside.
  3. Unscrew the mouth piece.
  4. Tip the unit over and dump any e-juice into the kitchen sink.
  5. While the unit is still tipped over, take your paper towel and dab the center piece so no e-juice gets in that little hole. This is very important. If you forget to do this, juice will trickle in there, causing gurgling when you vape, and it's a bitch to clean that out.
  6. Once you've dabbed the center piece, work the paper towel around the inner screw threads as well to clean it up as best you can.
  7. Tip the unit back over, then fill the tank to the 2.0ml mark with warm water, carefully avoiding the center piece while filling. Fill it real slow if you have to.
  8. Repeat steps 4 through 7 about three or four times, except you're dumping water out instead of e-juice.
  9. When the tank is empty and cleaned out as best as you can get it, take a can of dust removal spray (get some here) and make sure the little red or clear straw is attached), and generously blow out the inside of the tank.
  10. Let sit overnight so the water evaporates off the wicks.
  11. Use normally again the next day.

"Wouldn't it be easier to remove the silver piece at the bottom of the tank to make cleaning faster?"

Yes, but it's not easy to remove that piece. The only way to remove it is with pliers wrapped in electric tape. But even with careful hands, you run the risk of breaking the tank. And if you do, it's game over and the tank is ruined.

You're better off following my steps above. And remember, do NOT take out that little center piece or you'll wreck the wicks.

Now you know why I recommend buying two BLOW ONEs. Even with all my advice here, you'll probably wreck the first one as you learn how to use and maintain it. That's fine, because they're cheap enough and you need the spare battery anyway from the second one.

Maintenance of a BLOW ONE - Gurgle, Gurgle

Sometimes saliva will get in the mouthpiece, trickle down into the center piece, and you get some gurgling going on.

You can actually clear this with sucking or blowing. If you suck, saliva obviously travels up. If you blow, it goes down the passage and out the two small holes under the tank.

If you want to prevent gurgling, tip the BLOW ONE up slightly when using it.

Maintenance of a BLOW ONE - Standing Position

Whenever not using a BLOW ONE, stand it up on its battery. Use one of these silicone stand things if you have to. In the car, use one of these "holder" things. If you don't, e-juice travels up the tank, over the 2.4ml mark and can potentially flood the unit.

Putting one in a case in prone "sideways" position is not good enough. If you want your BLOW ONE to last a long time (and who doesn't?), it must be upright when not in use, and the easiest and most convenient way to do that is with a stand or a holder. If you don't have any stands or holders, get some.

Is it worth all this crap just to vape so you can quit smoking?


I'll tell you what's been happening with me already since I finally found a vaping solution that works for me with BLOW ONE.

First, my teeth are now whiter. Very noticeable.

Second, I'm sleeping better because my throat isn't clogged up with tar from cigarettes.

Third, I can taste better.

Fourth, I can enjoy the act of smoking without the tar.

Fifth, vaping allows me to try many different flavors that actually taste good. I'm currently using an e-juice flavor called Sweet Pineapple. And yes, it actually does taste like pineapple. I dig it.

Sixth, I can actually smoke in my apartment and car now without any worry of stinking either place up or leaving nasty smoke stains anywhere.

Seventh, and most importantly, it got me off cigarettes.

E-Smoking/Vaping is the only solution where you can gradually decrease the nicotine while not decreasing the act of smoking

Eventually I plan on switching from 16mg juice to 8mg, then to 0mg, and then with any luck I'll quit smoking forever.

I've tried quitting a bunch of times, just like any other smoker out there. Tried gums, tried patches, tried everything and none of it worked.

See, here's the thing: I like to smoke. The act of smoking is something I genuinely enjoy. It just feels good.

With e-smoking, I can still smoke like I used to, but with one huge perk. I can decrease the amount of nicotine while still doing the same amount of smoking. All that's required is just using juice with less nicotine in it once I'm ready to do that.

In addition, you can mix/match like juices. If I wanted to make, say, a 12mg juice, I fill the tank with half 8mg and half 16mg. As long as they're both the same flavor it will work just fine.

E-smoking is working for me to help me quit. It's like I said above, today was my first day with no tobacco smokes whatsoever and I'm feeling no cravings.

If you smoke now, find a local smoke shop or flea market that sells local-made e-juice and buy a couple of BLOW ONEs. It's helping me quit and will probably help you too.

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