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Chay-chay chains... chains for sinks

The sinks in the house I live in are older ones that have small grates for drains and there are no drain plugs, so I had to buy little rubber ones. Wal-Mart (and everyone else evidently) calls these "sink stoppers". I thought they were called drain plugs. Whatever. This is what a sink stopper looks like. These stoppers have small metal rings to place beaded chains on them if you so desire. I chose not to do this because I really didn't need them.

Or so I thought.

Milo (the cat) is having an extended stay with me and he likes to drink out of the sink, so I purposely leave the water trickling for whenever he wants to hop up and get a drink. For some reason he started taking the sink stoppers with his mouth out of the sink and leaving them somewhere else in the house. My house has two sinks. One of the stoppers I found and the other one is gone. I have no idea where the cat left it.

I headed to Wal-Mart and bought another sink stopper and some beaded chains. This should solve the problem of the stoppers vanishing.

One sink stopper:

Two thirty-six inch (3 feet) beaded chains with fasteners:

This cat cost me $6.00 today.

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