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Yesterday marked the first big temperature drop here in Tampa with a low in the high 60s. Right now as I write this (early early morning) it's 60° F and that's as cold as its going to get. This eve's low will be 59° and for the rest of the week it'll climb back up.

The highs are all low-to-mid 80s for the week which is 100% perfect Florida weather.

General rule of thumb: A 82° Florida day is like a 72° day in a northern state.

Speaking of northern states, it's 32° now at the stomping grounds. In other words, freezing - complete with an issued freeze warning until 8am (black ice possible in some spots).

~ ~ ~

Yeah, I know - every year I talk about this and you would think that after living in Florida 2½ years I'd be used to the warmer stuff by now.

Let's just say it takes a good long while to get used to no snow.

I don't miss snow. Not one bit. But my brain is still in that mode where it expects it to happen, and this is a very tough mode of thought to shake. In all honesty it's both a joy and an annoyance at the same time. The joy comes from knowing no snow will happen, and the annoyance from those auto-trigger "It's coming..." thoughts even though I know it's not. If that sounds confusing, that's unfortunately the best way I can describe it.

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