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classic ROCK

Recently I said fuggit and decided to post a Craigslist listing that I was a guitar player looking for people to play with. I got a few responses. Next week if all goes well I'll be playing with some guys just a little over 5 miles from me - and that's just plain cool. The reason it's cool is because they're local to me.

I got a few other responses but unfortunately they were all too far away. One guy called that was really awesome but the practice spot was almost 30 miles away. That makes for a 60-mile round trip each time I go and that would turn into 240 miles a month if practice was held once a week, so I had to say no.

The dude I spoke with within the 5-mile distance has a group that plays the standard fare of classic rock songs. Originally I told myself I would never get into a cover band, however the set list they do is all songs I know or have heard of and they're fairly easy as well (none o' that complicated guitar'ing crapola).

Every member of this group is older than I am. This used to bother me but I'm at the point now where I say "screw it" because it's the music that matters, so why not.

In addition to all that, this is my way of getting social. The plain fact of the matter is that I'm not social enough, and what better way to throw yourself into a scene than to join a band and play gigs, right?

Guess we'll see what happens next week.

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