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clearwater florida consumerism

If you're gonna shop and contribute to the big evil corporate machine, you might as well go to stores that look nice.

There are regular ol' plain jane freestanding buildings and then there those that go up a notch. Several notches, actually. Clearwater Florida has shopping plazas where all the buildings look absolutely pristine. I will give Clearwater credit; when they design a shopping plaza, it looks more inviting and less corporate (even though it is). The colors and textures on the buildings are calm and passive - as shopping should be.

Here's a few examples of what I'm talking about.

Above: Skechers, winner of the "dumbest name for a shoe" award.

Above: A "Super" Target. Big-ass building. Looks stately from a distance - and intimidating.

Above: A GameStop. For some reason there are a lot of GameStop's that prefer taking the corner of a building and this one is no exception.

Above: Ross. I took this photo because the sign actually gleams and the building has the best design compared to all the other buildings in the plaza. The sign is too big, but the multi-tiered look really works well. This looks more inviting compared to the Target building which looks like it should have a moat around it and be guarded by a dragon.

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