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cold is a soul sucker

Originally I wanted to call this post "cold is a death dealer" but that sounded a bit too morbid (heh) so I decided to go with "soul sucker" instead.

As I write this it's a lil' after three in the afternoon and it is 73° in Tampa. Very nice.

Back at the stomping grounds it's 28.8°. Very crappy.

I have two reactions to that. First I'm surprised because it's 44 degrees colder up there; that's a huge difference. Second, I feel slight nausea.

I am quite certain that I will be reminiscing of the bad old days up north every time the winter season comes 'round. After all, I did grow up there so it's not like I can just forget about it.

Let me explain why I feel nausea at the mere thought of temps that cold:

There is absolutely nothing good about bitter cold days.

It's thoughts like this that are tough to shake. Just seeing the numbers on a computer screen send a wave of memories thru my head.

So why do I do it? Do I like punishing myself or something?


I do it to remind myself of what I left behind; it's totally worth it to deal with a lil' nausea when it's immediately followed by the thought of Well, at least I don't have to deal with that crap.

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