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Come sail away with me god DAMMIT!

I was listening to WAAF this morning. Tuesday's are "Looney Tunes Tuesdays". Today's looney tune: Eric Cartman (South Park) singing Styx's "Come Sail Away". The whole.. frickin.. song, including the fast parts.

Additionally, the guys at 'AAF had a blood drive yesterday. One of the dee jay's got denied to give blood because of prior things that disqualified him (sleeping with Canadian hookers in the past 30 days counts evidently).

The other dee jay's were making fun of the process to give blood. Imagine a 60-year-old woman asking you the following questions:

"Okay sir, question number 8, have you ever urinated into an aluminum can?"

"Question number 9, have you ever ejaculated in the corner of your apartment?"

..and so on.

Funny stuff. New England has the best FM DJ's in the world - hands down.

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