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When guitar effect pedals get too complicated


Sometimes the simpler pedals are just better.

Above is a BOSS DD-200 delay pedal. It's big, and has 7 knobs and 2 buttons on the front.

This thing has 32-bit AD/DA with 32-bit float processing and a 96kHz sampling rate. It also has 12 modes, a phrase looper that records up to 60 seconds (meaning yes it can do double duty as a looper), has full MIDI I/O with mini TRS jacks, a micro USB jack for firmware updates...

...and can even run on just three AAA batteries, which I think is a nice touch because 9V batteries suck.

This is a crazy do-everything delay pedal. Every single thing you ever wanted a delay pedal to do plus things you didn't even know one could do are in this pedal.

But holy crap is this thing complicated. Powerful, yes, but complicated.

But then there's this:


This is also made by BOSS, the "Waza Craft" reissue DM-2w.

DM-2w Delay is a reissue of the famous original DM-2 from 1984. It's 100% analog. It has the original 20 to 300ms delay time, but also has a custom mode for up to 800ms. It does accept an expression pedal for delay time via foot control. There's not much else to it.

Given the choice between the DD-200 and the DM-2w, my choice would be the DM-2w.

While the DD-200 has everything and the kitchen sink, the DM-2w would be more fun to use.

Granted, the DM-2w is nowhere near as clear and clean as the DD-200 is. Not by a long shot. But in the end, the simpler DM-2w with its quirky simpler nature is more fun.

On a final note, I'm not saying the DD-200 is bad, because it isn't. It's actually awesome. You can do a whole lot with that pedal and get some insane delay tones out of it. But again, the fun factor point goes to the DM-2w for me.

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