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confidence in mansfield park

Title of this entry is influenced by two movies someone lent me, Confidence and Mansfield Park. I've seen half of Confidence so far and haven't watched the other one yet. And honestly speaking, I have no clue what Mansfield Park is about.. maybe it's good, I dunno. Hopefully there'll be some boobs in it. Boobs are good. I'll report on that later.


I picked up my JVC camcorder back from warranty repair today. The DV port is now functional again. I can only hope that it lasts a while, because it's safe to say I don't exactly have confidence in the product (considering it broke in less than a month).


While going to Largo today to pick up my camcorder, I decided to try the "Jack" voice out on my StreetPilot c340. Not bad, but I'm very used to the "Jill" voice, so.. I switched it back to her.

Oh, and a few other GPS updates:

As I said previously, upgrading the software in the c340 to v3.70 was a wise move. I can definitely notice the improvements. Calculation, recalculation and boot time are all significantly faster.

Only one problem has happened with my c340 (totally unrelated to the software upgrade). The battery has been stone dead for some time now. It absolutely will not charge. The unit still works when plugged in on USB or the car charger, which is good, but still.. a lithium ion battery shouldn't crap out this fast. Because the battery is embedded in the unit, there's no way to change it. Granted, it's well over a year old, but it would be nice if I could at least swap out the battery for another.

And in case you're wondering, yes I did reset the unit. Didn't help.


But like I said, it still works, and works well as always.

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