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Contestant number 2

The first place I was going to look at in Mystic Connecticut is not going to happen, the cost is too high. I found out that loans for smaller amounts have much higher interest rates and it's more than I can handle.

For example, a $150,000.00 loan with 30-year fixed rate you can get for about 5.75 to 6%. To the best of my knowledge this is as good as you can get.


Anything under the 100k mark (or thereabouts) and you'll get socked with a high interest rate of 7 to 8 percent or higher(!) Hence, I wasn't able to afford the Mystic place.

I am now looking towards Norwich CT. Prices are much lower, so that will accommodate for the higher interest rate, plus I'll be able to pay off the loan a lot faster. Norwich may not be my first choice for where I want to live, but who knows, maybe I'll like it. We'll see what happens after I check the place out.

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