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Credit scores are b.s.

Ah, credit scores. That magical number some say you should keep as high as possible. Well I'm here to tell you right here and now that your score is b.s. It means nothing. And I can prove it.

What nobody tells you about a credit score is that it means nothing if your debt-to-income ratio isn't in check.

DTI in plain English: Debt is what you owe. Income is what you make. If what you owe is too close to what you make, your score is thrown out the window and you won't get the loan you want, or you'll be quoted some ridiculously high rate you can't afford.

How close in what you make vs. what you owe is the true determiner on whether you get approved for a loan with a decent rate or not, not the score.

In the end, credit scores are b.s. Even if you have a high score of 780, if your DTI isn't what the lender "likes", you're denied, plain and simple.

My suggestion: Stop giving a crap about your credit score and work on lowering your debts instead because that's what truly matters.

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