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Death awaits you all with nasty big pointy teeth

I couldn't think of a good title for this one so I quoted a film. Know not what film it is? Guess. (grin) This is a potpourri post by the way, i.e. random stuff.


The Connecticut DMV has impressed me once again by mailing me a nice notice that said "Your case has been closed". That's a good thing. I was happy to receive it. While this may seem trivial, my DMV experiences are about, oh, a million times better (give or take) compared to dealing with them years ago.


Concerning the whole house selling thing, the price has been lowered because I really, really want to get out of here. With the price set as it is now that should happen relatively quickly. While it's true a hit will be taken on the fiscal front, the ends will justify the means.


Taking a look at the server logs for that now-famous site, I noticed a few things. First, the #1 browser used to get there was Firefox. Nice. It's beating out IE currently by over 25%. Second, there are a lot more Camino users out there than I thought there were. Honestly speaking, I thought that browser was dead. Apparently not.


I've been toying with the idea of making menga dot net full-screen sorta/kinda again instead of the boxed version that exists now. The only problem I run into is with images. In a few browsers out there, when you bump up the size of the text, the images resize along with them. Firefox doesn't do this; it only resizes text. Internet Exploder Explorer 7 resizes everything. Opera also resizes everything.

All is not lost however. You can use CSS specific properties so images do in fact scale larger along with the text when you tell Firefox to increase size. This is done setting classes for the image in question and using a stylesheet to set predefined sizes using em's.

This would be advantageous because then I would be able to make a "boxed" version of this site, but when resized everything increases or decreases in size (depending on user's choice) including the images.

One more thing: For those interested in doing this who don't know how to calculate pixels to em's, a generic rule of thumb is to divide the pixels by 16. For example, 500 pixels would be 31.25 em's.

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