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digital dashboards are cool

Yesterday I got a letter in the mail from GMC, a.k.a. General Motors. It stated that on some 2005 GMC Canyons (which also includes Chevrolet Colorados) that both engine offerings, that being the 2.8 liter four-cylinder and the 3.5 liter 5-cylinder engines, quote:

..may experience a condition where the engine intake valve seats may wear. This will cause partial misfire and illumination of the Service Engine Soon (SES) light. Continued operation and resulting additional wear may eventually lead to engine idle roughness.

Translation: The "check engine" light will stay on all the time, the engine will sputter at times and on idle the truck will shake because it's not idling correctly.

Does this mean for anyone that has this engine issue is screwed? Nope. GM will fix the problem at no charge if the vehicle has under 100,000 miles or is under 7 years old from the original purchase date (whatever comes first).

They also included information for reimbursement with form provided if you've already had the work performed.

Although this letter scared me a bit, I was comforted by the fact that:

  1. GM acknowledged it's a problem.
  2. They're willing to fix it.
  3. They're willing to fix it at no charge to you.
  4. Extended the coverage on the engine just in case it happens in the future.

. . .

So anyway this got me thinking that I may need to get a second vehicle in the future.

"Connecticut standards", as I call them, don't apply to Florida. No need for 4x4, snow tires, etc.

Basically speaking I can drive anything I want.

I spotted this cool little Chevy Cavalier Z24 convertible with a crapload of miles on it, but the price was around $1600 and it had a new top installed. And it had (drum roll please) a digital dashboard.

I love digital dashboards. As tacky as they look, I think they're just plain cool. I had one on my '94 S-10 Blazer and yes, it was a selling point when I first bought it. 🙂

From experience I know when the dashboard goes out (as they all do) it costs around $250 to have one swapped out for another. GM fortunately manufactured plenty of them to go around.

No, I will not be buying the car - but it's nice to know I can get one on the cheap that would serve me fine. I could totally see myself driving that little convertible. The late-80's Z24 was one of the few Cavalier's that I actually thought looked cool.

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