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Dimension gets retired, Stinkpad (still) lives

My network consists of several computers. The one that stayed on the network all the time up until today was the Dell Dimension 4400. This is a computer that started out at P4 1.6GHz w/256MB, a 40GB drive and a 64MB video card. Over the years it got upgraded to a 2.4GHz CPU, a 160GB was added, the video card was upgraded, then downgraded because I put the "good" card in my other box (my AMD).

The last change to this box was the wireless network using a Blitzz Wireless-G card I bought at Wal-Mart. Actually, I bought two of them. One was for the AMD, the other for the Dell. My laptop already has wireless built in to it.

Sorry to say, the Dell just didn't cut it on wireless. It would constantly drop its connection, over and over. In addition to that, it would also cause other computers on my network to lose connection also because of its flaky nature. The fact of the matter is this: As a file server, the computer was just too slow to process requests on wireless. On regular LAN it would do fine, and did that for a long time. On wireless, however.. um.. no. (grin) I mean, were it used as a "normal" computer it would never have wireless problems. I'm just asking more than what the box is capable of giving to me.

Today I yanked the 160GB drive out of the Dell and put it in the AMD box which will now act as my file server. The Dell is officially retired.. and I don't know what I'm going to do with it. If anyone wants a cheap Pentium 4 2.5GHz with a CD burner drive, let me know. I'll let the box go for $150, that's about what it's worth.

Being that I now have a spare Blitzz Wireless-G card, I decided to try it out on the Stinkpad 390. Yes, the same Stinkpad laptop with Windows 98, a single USB port, a battery that won't hold a charge to save it's life and a maximum resolution of 800x600 (bleaaaAAAAaaaahhh).

And whadya know, it worked. I'm typing this blog entry from the Stinkpad on Wireless-G, Windows 98 and all. It's amazing. The reason it's amazing is because this computer is so damned old - yet it works. According to my little wireless utility, I'm getting a 61% signal strength, which is so-HO crappy... but it's cookin' right along.

I think the only reason I keep this laptop around is to see if it can actually do modern computer stuff being the age it is. Chock up another one for the Stinkpad. It does wireless.

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