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Dock, keyboard and mouse stuff

I know the following is going to sound extremely basic, but when you've been using Windows as long as I have there are certain things you have to get used to in the Mac world.

Situation: I want to select a line of text with the keyboard. When editing documents I usually prefer to use more keyboard than mouse. In Windows, you hit Home to go to the start of the line, then hold down Shift and then press End. On the Mac this is different. You use the "Command" key, a.k.a. Apple key. To go to the start of the line, it's Command, hold it, Left Arrow. Then hold Shift and Command, then Right Arrow to select the line.

Cutting, copying and pasting are the same as Windows except you use Command instead of Ctrl (Control).. so instead of Ctrl-X (Cut), Ctrl-C (Copy), Ctrl-V (Paste), it's Command-X, Command-C and Command-V.


I do not like the fact the Mac OSX does not have a taskbar like XP does (especially considering the fact XP "stacks" applications of same type which is very damned convenient). The "Dock" is okay and all, but it would be more easy for me to actually see a bar/tray of some type telling me what apps are open and what ones aren't. The only solace to this is use of "Exposé" with the Mighty Mouse on the Mac. You squeeze the sides of the mouse, all apps shrink and you pick which one you want to go to. Neat feature, but I'd gladly trade it for a taskbar.

If there is such as thing as a taskbar on the Mac, I haven't found it yet.


I dug out my old Diablo II CD's to see if it would install on the Mac. It didn't, but.. Blizzard offers a native OSX installer, so I downloaded that and ta-da.. Diablo II on the Mac. It plays well, however it doesn't work in any video mode other than "Software 256 Colors". It still looks great but I may need an OpenGL update or something.. I dunno.

Diablo II plays exactly the same as it did on the PC - which is good.


The Mighty Mouse, while cool, is too bean shaped. I'm finding that I have to stretch a little bit to get a right click to work sometimes, however this could be due to my (really) old mouse pad. Doesn't seem to be the most ergonomic friendly thing in the world either. My right hand isn't complaining but it is getting a workout of sorts.

So everyone knows, the Mighty Mouse is ten times better than that piece of crap mouse Apple had on the older iMac's. This is a very decent piece of hardware, but it just takes getting used to.

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