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Does Slash suck?


This is one I've been requested to write for a while now, so, here it is.

Let's talk about Saul Hudson, whom you know as "Slash".

There are a lot of guitar players who think Slash sucks.

Do I think he sucks? Honestly, no I don't. I think the worst thing Slash could be accused of is sounding generic, but not bad.

I remember when Guns N' Roses became popular. I, like so many other people, were first exposed to that band via MTV with the videos for songs "Welcome To The Jungle" and "Sweet Child O' Mine" from the album Appetite For Destruction put into heavy rotation. Is that a good album? For the most part, yes. Not every song is good (a few of them suck), but yeah, good album.

Everyone in original GNR lineup is what made that band really work. The bass sounded great. The rhythm guitar sounded great. The drums sounded great. The "whole band" sound was in fact really good. In a sea of glam rock crap in the late 80s, GNR cut through the mix with some genuinely good rock and roll music.

Slash on his own however... meh. Again, he doesn't sound bad. Just generic.

Does that mean he's overrated? Yeah.

What do I mean by "generic"?

Slash very much stays within a box of sorts and never goes outside of it. The phrase "if you've heard one Slash riff you've heard them all" totally applies to his riffing style. Lots of 5ths ("power chords"), lots of chords anyone playing guitar for 3 months would know, and a very common Les-Paul-through-a-Marshall tone.

Let's take a song outside of the GNR vein, such as Velvet Revolver's Slither. Slash sounds exactly the same there as he did in GNR. What about the Fall To Pieces song? Same thing. You may think, "Yeah! I can totally tell that's Slash playing!" That's because his generic riffing style and bland tone is easy to recognize. And not in a good way.

By the way, if you totally forgot about those two songs until I just mentioned them here, you now fully understand how generic and forgettable Slash riffs are.

Certainly not "BEST EVER!!!", and not by a long shot

Slash is a good, solid player, and I don't deny that. But "best ever"? No.

I can't even say Slash is that good even with his own riffs. Heck, he basically even admitted that. The guy genuinely struggles to write anything that isn't mind-numbingly generic.

In the end, no, Slash doesn't suck. He's not the best, and not the worst. Just average.

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